JSASY-A Type series PLC Controlled Computer High-speed Gravure P

JSASY-A Type series PLC Controlled Computer High-speed Gravure P


JSASY-A Type series PLC Controlled Computer High-speed Gravure Printing Machine
This machine is 8 colors liner-array combined Gravure Printer which is used for printing roll-type materials such as BOPP, PE, PET, PVC, and papers etc
1.      With its advanced seven motors tension-controlling system, the processes such as dynamic synchronization of system tension and zero speed-difference automatic roll-changing are controlled and completed by the center PLC
2.      Parameters can be set and changed with Chinese character displayed touch-controlled man-machine interface
3.      The static screen installation for negative and positive observation, and sealed drying case with secondary return air function are also equipped, the wind-screen type hot air drying is enabled by the unique round hole array, and automatic roll-changing work can be done in high-speed working status
4.      The excellent rigidity and stability of the whole machine is ensured by high quality materials and high-precision processing, moreover, the human-based design concept will also bring adequate convenience for operators.
******Main parameters******
1. Printing color numbers ------------- -----8 colors
2. Maximum material width ----------------850 mm
3. Maximum printing width-----------------800 mm
4. Maximum mechanical speed------------180 m/min
5. Maximum printing speed -----------------150m/min (roller diameter 160mm)
The printing speed may varies from printing material, plate layout, inks, printing crafts as well as the level of operators
6. Unwinding diameter -----------------Φ600mm
7. Rewinding diameter-----------------Φ600mm
8. Printing plate diameter-----------Φ120mm~Φ300mm
9. Printing plate width----------------- 420mm~900mm
10. Registering precision-------------------vertical±0.1mm (automatic registering system tracking)
11. Drying mode---------------Electric heating (140KW) 8 colors
12. Power of main motor --------------AC 11kw
13. Machine outer size-------------15800×3500×3000(mm) L*W*H (800 Model 8 colors)
14. Net weight--------------------about 30000kg
15. Printing material
PET ---------------------12~60μm
PE --------------------35~100μ
Composite membrane---------15~60μm
And other membrane roll types materials sharing same characteristics with above ones.

Product Origin: china
Model Number: JSASY-PLC
Brand Name: Jingsai

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