JSF-A800 Type PLC Controlling High-speed Laminating Machine

JSF-A800 Type PLC Controlling High-speed Laminating Machine


JSF-A800 Type PLC Controlling High-speed Laminating Machine
Machines in this series are suitable for reel-shape materials such as BOPP, PET, CPP, aluminum foil, and paper, 2-layer repetitious laminating, high strength production, producing high-quality compound materials with high freshness preserving, and boiling & steaming resistance.
1. Double frequency conversing synchronic timing is adopted for entry port of main machine, making more stable operation.
2. Two means of glue applying, cobwebbing roll sizing and rubber roll gluing
3. Top air style oven open, initiative guiding roll in oven
4. 4-sect heating in drying tunnel, possible to control temperature by segment
5. Photoelectric error correction for unreeling, with automatic tension
6. Reeling and unreeling by tumbling dual-station mechanism, reeling auto material change without machine halt
7. Oil warming system for composite reel, constant temperature control
8. Material reel pre-drive system ensures that the speed of new material reel can be automatically synchronized with the main machine’s, high-speed non-stop automatic cutting and reloading (new material reel diameter automatic detection).
Main Technical Parameter
1. The Number of Laminating Layers-------------2
2. Maximum Width of Material Film------------800mm
3. Width of Guide Roller--------------------850 mm
4. Gluing Base Material & Laminating Base Material
Aluminum foil-------------11-30μm?
5. Maximum Mechanical Speed-----170m/min
6. Maximum Working Speed---------10-150m/min
7. Maximum Diameter of No.1 Discharging Reel------    600mm
8. Maximum Diameter of No.2 Discharging Reel-------    600mm
9. Maximum Diameter of Material Receiving Reel-----   800mm
10. Oven’s Maximum Temperature------------100?
11. Drying Form------Electric Heating Hot-air Drying
12. Electric Heating Power-------------------140 kW
13. Total Power----------------------------120 kW
14. Machine’s Appearance Dimension---------about
16000×4500×4200(mm) (L×W×H)

Product Origin: china
Model Number: JSF-A800 Type PLC
Brand Name: Jingsai

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