QFJ-1100 Model PC Control Auto Slitting Machine

QFJ-1100 Model PC Control Auto Slitting Machine


QFJ-1100 Model PC Control Auto Slitting Machine
This machine is suitable for BOPP?PET?PE?CPP?PVC?Aluminum Foil ?Paper and several kinds of roll slitting material
1          Such machine belong to the vertical type machine
2          sutocephaly mico machine control creen, convenience to operate.
3          winding and unwinding roll strain magnetic powder control
4          track material antomatism massage the meter, discharge roll photoelectricity automatism rectify a deviation
5          have the laciness scrap wind sending and winding setting
6          double air bulge axes draw roll, cutting surface level
7          aluminum foil and paper cutting must choose the round knife accessories
Technic Parameter
1          Max width of material cut---------1100?(put in roll)
2          Max put in roll------------------------Φ600?
3          Max collect roll----------------------Φ400?
4          Cutting specification--------------20-700?
5          Max speed of Machine---------160 m/min
6          Cutting speed---------------------10-160 m/min(cutting speed according to material smooth and operation etc)
7          Precision of Error-correction--------± 0.2?
8          Total power------------------------3kw

Product Origin: china
Model Number: QFJ-1100 Model
Brand Name: Jingsai

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